My gear for this autumn

So, the autumn is upon us, and with that we are going to take a look at what kind of hiking gear I am going to use this autumn / winter. Some stuff is fairly new, and some stuff have been around for quite a while.

Sleeping supplies

Tent: Exped Oreon Extreme II 2p tent
It has only been one month since i bought this tent.  The roof height is 130cm, a pretty luxurious feature when out hiking, making the tent very spacious even though it only weighs 3kg.

Sleeping bag: Haglöfs spacelite -1
I should really invest in a more pack-able sleeping bag. It takes quite a lot of space, but as a cheap syntethic sleeping bag it’s up for the challenge. I sleep well in it, so i havent really prioritized upgrading yet.

Liner: Cocoon mummy liner Ripstop Silk Expedition (+5c)
For the cold night, this is gonna push your sleeping bag even further. A good liner is a cheap and light option for upgrading your sleeping bag.

Sleeping pad: Exped Synmat basic 7,5
Been using this sleeping pad since march this year, when I did some -5c nights outside in the cold. So far I’m really happy with this very comfortable sleeping pad.

Backpack and fire

Backpack: Fjällräven Kajka 85 / Haglöfs Röse 65
I bought my Kajka in may to have a more spacious backpack for longer hikes. I’m really happy with it. Kajka is a heavy backpack for heavy duties. It weighs a bit more than its competition, but it’s the quality bag that is going to last you a lifetime. Im happy with my Haglöfs röse as well.

Gas stove: Msr pocketrocket II + matches
There is no competition here, the pocketrocket and a gas container is uncontested. Cheap, light and fast.


Windbreaker: Fjällräven Greenland
I bought this jacket second hand, and made a really good deal. It’s a breathing,  wind proof jacket that is going to do a really good work while mountaneering or just taking a stroll along the beach.

Pants: Urberg Fjordruta
Hiking pants. Well, thats pretty much what they are. Nothing special about them, cheap syntetic stretchy pants. I’m quite satisfied with them, but thinking about upgrading after the winter.

Shoes: Meindl GTX Dovre extreme
For 3 years these hiking boots have protected my feet and carried me forward. Im really happy about them, and they are probably joining on next years Mont Blanc & Grossglockner trip as well.

Wool shirt: Woolpower Crewneck Lite
A really comfortable second layer that gives you just enough heat for those 0c to -5c days to use with a windbreaker.

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