Anton Levein

Anton Levein is an alpinist and ultrarunner who found his love for the mountains trough hiking.

I started climbing in 2018. I found climbing and alpinism trough hiking and has since then trained hard for more alpine experiences.

After climbing Swedens highest mountain, Kebnekaise, I knew I wanted more of this. In the end of summer 2018 I decided to embark on the intensive periodization training program made for alpinists.
Since august 2018 to june 2019, I trained little over 400 hours, thus laying a base for my upcoming climbing goals. In the summer of 2019 I put my ambitions to a test, by doing a solo ascent of Mont Blanc.

During 2020 I focused on entering my first Ultra running races, as well as completing a expedition, climbing all Swedish 2000m mountains in 3 weeks, with Emma Svensson.

In 2021 my main focus is to further develop as a climber, runner and skier and lay a good foundation for coming, higher and steeper adventures.

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In 2020, I climb, run and ski for the climate, a living planet and for the forests, mountains and plains not to be silent. Contribute here

Notable ascents / events:

2021 The Royal traverse (Mont Blanc massif)
2020 Ascent of all 2000 meter mountains in Sweden
2019 Solo Ascent of Mont Blanc, 4810, via Gouter route

Future plans:

2021: Summer spent climbing in the alps. A few running races in the spring and autumn