So, about 10 months has passed since Emma Svensson and I embarked on our epic journey, climbing all 2000m mountains in Sweden. To answer some of the questions from you, I’m setting up this post.


First of all!

 If you haven’t seen

our documentary,

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The maps

Part 1 

Part 2


Read my swedish articles of our climbs

Dag 1 Äventyret börjar i Kvikkjokk
Dag 2-3 Pårtemassivet
Dag 4 Mot Skarja
Dag 5-6 Sarekmassivet
Dag 7 – 8. Renvaktarstugan och Ahkka
Dag 9 Kebnekaise
Dag 10-11 Tarfala och Kaskasatjåhkka
Dag 12 Kaskasapakte
Dag 13-14 Mot Vistas
Dag 15. Sielmmatjåhkka

Emmas packing list (swedish):



How did you navigate? 
– We used digital offline maps, mainly the app Viewranger. Before we started the adventure we looked at the routes on a regular map, and also trough the 3D app fatmaps to acess the terrain. 

What did you eat?
– I tried to keep high on carbohydrates and protein, got my basic everyday needs from Huel, and then one freeze dired meal per day. Combined with that I had snickers, candy and nuts troughout the days. 

Which mountain was hardest to climb?
– Kaskasapakte, located in Tarfala. 

Which day was the best? 
– Probably the day we climbed the 4 Sarektjåhkka peaks, (day 5). Also, Ahkka gave some wonderful scenery going down. 

Do you need to know how to climb to go up all of these mountains?
– Well, it depends. Lets start with the easy ones. Pårtetjåhkka, Kebnekaise (South), Sarektjåhkka (North) and Kaskasatjåhkka all have easy hiking routes up to the top. Sielmatjåhkka, Ahkka and Pårtetjåhkka requires some scrambling in exposed terrain. To get to Kebnekaise (north) you’d want to rope up and have crampons, and some basic mountaineering skills, and as for Kaskasapakte you got to have some more experience.

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