Mont Blanc Solo 2019 Part 1

It all started little more than a year ago.  I found climbing and mountaineering, alpinism, and decided for myself that I needed a bigger goal to aim for with my training the coming year.

After putting much thought into what would be a reasonable challenge for me to do solo, I decided to start focusing on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.

Mont Blanc, 4810m

I started training. Much and hard. Running, trail running, stairmaster, hiking, hill spinting, mountaineering, climbing, mix climbing, gym sessions and so on. After 10 months I had invested over 400 hours into my new body.
I studied glaciology, avalance dangers and also spent lots of time familiarizing with the map and different routes up Mont Blanc.  I felt strong and ready.

I wanted to do the climb solo to test myself mentaly. When you are alone with your own decisionmaking you can learn a lot about yourself. Should I contindue or turn around? Do I have the stamina to go on? None of these questions ever came up in my head during my Mont Blanc Climb though.

On the first of July I landed in Geneva for my two week Chamonix trip. I started out by going down to Les Contamines-Montjoie for my first acclimatization climb up to Aguille de la Berangere, 3425. After that, I would spend some days in Chamonix, one day on Aguille du Midi and then finally move on to Nid d’Aigle and the Gouter route up to Mont Blanc.

Picture from the top of Aguille de la Berangere, 3425.

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