Small update

So, 10 months later and I’m back.
We will see if i start updating more frequently, but right now I’m fully focused on my upcoming trip to Chamonix and Mont blanc.

Since august last year, I’ve trained little over 400 hours. Running, trail running, gym training, out- and indoor climbing and some skiing. I’ve since then climbed three 2000meter mountains, hiked quite a lot and done some winter camping and cross country ski mountaineering.

I have learnt so much, and right now I’m feeling very strong and focused on taking on the white giant. I’ve come up with an decent acclimatization plan before the climb and will live in my tent, the huts and also an hotel during my stay. Nice to switch things up.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with a brief summary of my summer and how Mont Blanc went down.

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